Cholesterol can be categorized into two types:
-      HDL cholesterol
-      LDL cholesterol

Both thee cholesterols helps in protecting the cell membranes of our body by digesting the food we eat and creates vitamin D in our body. However, cholesterol is a waxy substance but it is not like it is bad for health. Maintaining proper balance among the two types of cholesterol is very necessary in order to lead healthy life.

HDL cholesterol plays very vital role in preventing people from many dangerous health hazards like coronary attacks that is why people should try to raise HDL cholesterol in their body. Other than coronary attacks, atherosclerosis can also be caused therefore it is important for an individual to raise HDL cholesterol so that they can protect themselves from such harmful diseases. 

If you will raise HDL cholesterol in your body then you will be having good condition of arteries and heart and ultimately prevents you from risk of heart attacks. People who want to raise HDL cholesterol should not opt for any medication because these medications will not surely help you in raise HDL cholesterol.

So as to raise HDL cholesterol in your body you should go for low calorie diets and if you are overweight then you should try to reduce extra weight as persons who are overweight can not raise HDL cholesterol until they help themselves in reducing extra body mass of your body. Obesity will lead increase LDL cholesterol and will not raise HDL cholesterol, and hence chances of heart attack are very prone in such situations.

So managing proper calories is the only solution for a person to raise HDL cholesterol. Make use of olive oil in cooking as this will help to raise HDL cholesterol, results of using olive oil is very desirous and it is proved by many people. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which is good for health and raise HDL cholesterol.  

Including more fibers in diet will also be helpful to raise HDL cholesterol, fibers are mostly found in green leafy vegetables, fruits and grains. People who are not aware of good balanced and nutritious diet can consult some professional dietician so that he can help you out in maintaining good and healthy food for you so that you can raise HDL cholesterol.